When some technological advancements steer us in the direction of saving the environment, it becomes crucial for people to make use of these environment-friendly gadgets. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power generation is one such popular technology that converts energy from Sun by using solar panels. One of the ways in which PV systems are installed is Grid-tied configuration, which we are going to learn about. It is not only an effective way of saving the planet but also gives a great return on investment (ROI).  

What is a Grid-tied Solar System?

Grid Tied Solar, Grid Tie PV Systems, Grid Tie Inverter, Grid Tied Solar System - Magnet Solar If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while also saving your money, Grid Tied systems are your best companion. Grid Tied Solar System is a power system that is used to generate electricity from Solar PV plants. Being the most popular type of solar setup, it is known for providing numerous benefits at a comparatively low cost. It comprises an inverter that regulates and converts energy which is then used to power appliances. Grid-tied systems are also known as on-grid or Utility intertwined PV systems.

How Grid-tied System Work:

The technological process that these systems use follows simple steps. Firstly, the solar panels, also called a PhotoVoltaic panels, convert the incident solar radiation into Direct Current (DC). This is the PhotoVoltaic (PV) effect. The Solar Inverter or PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is an integral part of a grid-tied system as it converts the Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). This AC power is tied/interconnected with the existing incoming grid supply, usually from the local Power Supply Authority (DISCOM – e.g. BSES, Tata Power, PVVNL, NPCL, UHBVN, DHPVN, PSPCL). The simplicity of the grid-tied system lies in that it causes minimum interference with your existing electrical system. Grid tie Solar Systems for Homes | Big Dog Solar Energy   The grid-tied system also includes an energy net meter which is provided by DISCOM. Net-metering enables these systems to send the excess energy produced by solar panels back to the grid (Export). This energy can be used to earn credits that you can adjust against energy drawn from the grid (Import).   The significant difference between on-grid/grid-tied and off-grid systems is that in grid-tied systems, the direct current is transferred to the inverters, which are connected to the distribution boards. In contrast, off-grid systems consist of batteries where the direct current is stored, which eventually goes to the inverter and then towards the load.  

What are the benefits of a Grid-tied Solar System to you?

  • Drastic Savings on Electricity bills: With the feature of storing excess energy through net metering, grid-tied solar systems ensure that there is no wastage of energy. If excess power is produced, it is exported to the utility grid which can be used later on. If the energy generated from your plant is more than what you consume, you get credits for it which can be in the form of a reduction of your bill or a direct refund. Hence, electricity bills are greatly reduced.
  • Easy maintenance: The off-grid system comprises batteries in which power is stored, making the maintenance complex. But the grid-tied systems transfer power directly to the inverters which ensure that the maintenance of these systems is easy.
  • Increases your property’s value: Do you want to make your property a top choice in the list of buyers? Then installing Grid Tied solar systems is a perfect choice. It not only saves your money but also makes your property modern and technologically advanced, which will attract buyers and increase the value of your home.
  • Produces Renewable Energy: Of course, the primary advantage of a grid-tied system is that it is environment-friendly. These solar systems produce renewable energy, which is very beneficial for the environment in the longer run.
  • Higher ROI and Affordability: The primary reason for the popularity of the Grid-tied system is that it is cost-efficient and also provides higher ROI (Return On Investment). They are cheaper as compared to the other types of solar systems, and are also less susceptible to failures.
  To conclude, a Grid-tied solar system is a reliable and beneficial investment that is paving the way toward a better future. Advit Ventures Private Limited (AVPL), a venture that provides sustainable energy solutions, is leading this greener tomorrow. Through its various services and expertise, it has become the most trusted company to rely on for sustainable solutions. AVPL is also the channel partner of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for implementing grid-connected rooftop projects.

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