Grid-Tied Solar System

The Grid-Tied PV systems (also known as On-Grid/ Grid-connected systems) are connected to the distribution grid using inverters and usually do not use batteries. This solution results in a reduction of electricity costs for areas which already have access to the grid. Such systems are capable of exporting surplus power and are designed to automatically shut down in case of anomalies in grid parameters such as voltage, frequency, etc. The system can also be synchronized with Diesel Genset. .

- Enhances efficient and continuous power supply
- Industries and commercial entities can avail cheaper power irrespective of Time of Day (ToD) charges

Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solution smartly integrates power from multiple sources such as Solar, Grid, Diesel Generator and battery storage to provide power at affordable costs. A hybrid PV system is also designed to work independently of the grid.

The solution smartly integrates power from multiple sources such as Solar, Grid, Storage and Genset to provide reliable power at an affordable cost.

-Combination of cheap and reliable electricity
-The smart system switches from one mode to another automatically

Off-Grid Solar System

This solution is suitable for areas which do not have reliable access to electricity from the grid. Off-Grid systems operate independently from the grid and use standalone inverters with batteries. These systems find application in rural, remote, isolated, agricultural and semi-urban areas. The system can also be coupled with a grid.

Besides providing electricity for consumption, the system also provides backup by incorporating batteries. The system can also be coupled with intermittent supply of electricity from the grid. .

- No requirement to couple with existing grid
- Cheaper than Diesel Generator

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