Feasibility Check

This entails studying the rooftop area, undertaking shadow analysis of the space for installation and analyzing past electricity consumption to determine the optimal plant capacity.

We provide end-to-end consultancy for solar power plants, from the concept-to-commissioning phase.

Services include the following:

  1. Studying the rooftop or ground area,
  2. Geo technical investigations
  3. Undertaking shadow analysis of the space for installation
  4. Analyzing past electricity consumption to determine the optimal plant capacity

Project EPC

System design is undertaken after understanding the requirements of the client. Thereafter system components are procured from leading suppliers globally and commissioning is completed in accordance with international best practices and MNRE guidelines.  Including the following checks:

  • Quality & cost control
  • Step by step installation monitoring
  • Stringent project documentation

Third party testing and certification


Part Financing – Providing assistance in securing finance for solar projects from our partner institutions.

Complete Financing – Assisting in complete financing of the project via Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) route i.e. the rooftop/land owner agrees to purchase the complete electricity generated from the solar project at a pre-determined subsidized rate in lieu of the investment made by the developer. For more details click here.

Project O&M

Optimal performance of any system is dependent on its upkeep. Hence, maintenance and monitoring services are offered to ensure high performance and longevity.

Rooftop Leasing

The rooftop owner receives fixed monthly payment in lieu of leasing out their roof for installation of solar plant. For more details click here

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